At Locsense, we develop electrical read-out systems for Organs-on-Chip

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Artemis: A user friendly Cell Layer Monitoring System


Monitoring the performance of microfluidic devices

The Artemis is a plug-and-play detector, able to count droplets and measure conductivity of fluids within microfluidic devices.


Compatible with conventional cell cultures within an incubator

The Artemis is compatible with standard well plates with inserts. With the Artemis the growth and activity of cells can be monitored even inside the incubator.


Control and read-out of Organs-on-Chip

The Artemis can provide electrical stimuli to and monitor the performance of Organs-on-Chip. Relevant parameters for Organs-on-Chip are cell culture growth and activity of cells.

Measuring the activity of beating heart cells

Through Organ-on-Chip technology the heart can be mimicked, allowing for a controlled, cost-effective and potentially patient specific testing of drug compounds.

Lung on chip with University of Twente

At the BioMaterials Science and Technology group at The University of Twente, the Artemis was used to monitor the growth of lung cells on different types of membranes.

About us

LocSense provides hardware and services for electrical cell culture monitoring. LocSense is a highly innovative spin-off company from the University of Twente, founded in 2015 and is located in Enschede.

Dr. Susan Roelofs
Founder & CEO
Bernd Vinke
Business developer
Dr. Maria Perez-Zabalza
Software Developer
Dr. Mathieu Odijk
Lab on Chip expert
Prof. Albert van den Berg
Scientific advisor
Dr. Dirkā€“Jan van den Broek
Electronics expert
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