Project Description

Intestional Organoids

The University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht investigates 2D organoids of the intestine. These organoids are cultured in a conventional 12 well transwell with inserts. With the Artemis the growth of the Organoids will be monitored over a period of approximately 3 weeks, while the organoids remain in the incubator. With this organoid intestine model, the influence of food on the hormone excretion in the gut is investigated. The Artemis performs TEER / impedance measurements according to following requirements:

  • TEER measurements in 12 wells
  • Adjustable regular time interval in between TEER measurements
  • Runtime at least 3 weeks
  • Adjustable flow rate of cell culture media circulation
  • Flow can be adjusted to timing of the TEER measurements

Figure 2. Adapter to 12 well transwell.

Figure 1. Organoids of the intestine, courtesy of Jean-Paul ten Klooster, University of Applied Sciences.