The Locsense Artemis is an automated, real-time TEER and impedance detector. Monitor the barrier integrity, while the cell culture is located inside an incubator. The Artemis is standard equiped with 12 channels and operates from 10 Hz up to 1 MHz. The user-friendly software allows you to monitor the cell culture for days in a row, at fixed intervals of your choice.

Combine the Artemis with the SmartSense lid to monitor cells in conventional transwell plates with inserts. The SmartSense is available for a variety of transwell plates, including Corning, VWR, Greiner and NUNC (6, 12 or 24 wells). In addition, the cellQART inserts of Sabeu are fully compatible with the Artemis.

Barrier integrity measurements are essential for Organ-on-Chip research. Locsense provides microfluidic chip holders to interface the Artemis with any Organ-on-Chip.