Locsense partners in Retina-on-Chip research. We are excited that the project RoC-Me was granted by NWO. The project concerns the development of Retina-on-Chip models, to identify functional measurements and assess therapeutics for multiple diseases with retina affectation.

We are looking forward to start working together with colleagues at University of Twente, Radboudumc, Boehringer Ingelheim, Proefdiervrij and the hDMT Organ-on-Chip Consortium.

The project is part of the human measurement models by NWO.

Better predictive health research and less dependency on animal experiments – that is the ultimate aim of the six research projects that can now start. With a boost of more than 5 million euros, researchers and the partners involved will work on innovative measurement methods to better understand and treat heart, brain and eye diseases, for example.

The projects have received funding within the research programme Human Measurement Models 2.0. The focus of these public-private partnerships is the development of human measurement models for research into the treatment and/or prevention of diseases. It is expected that research models based on human material, such as cells and tissues, or computer models based on human data, will better approximate the situation in humans than laboratory animal models. A research model can be applied faster and more specifically in clinical practice, the more it resembles processes in the human body.