Locsense will host a session on impedance spectroscopy and TEER measurements during the EUROoCS summerschool in Tübingen. The first EUROoCS Summer School will be held at the 3R-Center Tübingen for In vitro Models and Alternatives to Animal Testing. The 5-day training course takes place from September 11th to 15th, 2023 and features both lectures and laboratory hands-on sessions. In this interdisciplinary format, the participants will learn the underlying concepts and principles of Organ-on-Chip technology. The Summer School targets M.Sc., MD and PhD students that are beginning their research in the fascinating interdisciplinary field of Organ-on-Chip. Professionals from industry who want to learn about the basics and practice hands-on in lab are also welcome.

EUROoCS-Summer School 2023 topics:
• Microfabrication
• Sensors, Imaging and omics read-out
• Biomaterials
• Microfluidics and fluid dynamics
• Regulatory processes
• PK/PD modelling
• GCCP (good cell and tissue culture practice)
• Stem Cells and organoids